Tips You Need To Keep In Mind If Your Skin Product Doesnt Show Results

Dr. Jaishree Sharad shares a few points to keep in mind if you ever find that your skin care product is not working on your skin.

Every skin is different and not all products have the same effect

Most of us follow a skin care routine fairly religiously. From cleansing to toning and moisturizing, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to our skin care. However, sometimes skin care products don’t really deliver the results they promise. Have you ever wondered why? Or have you ever had the feeling that your skin is not glowing despite the best creams? Well, if you are faced with a similar dilemma then there is nothing to worry about. The dermatologist Dr. Jaishree Sharad dedicated her latest Instagram Reels to discuss the possible causes of this problem. In a detailed caption, she wrote some tips to keep in mind if your products don’t seem to be working.

According to Dr. Jaishree Sharad should be aware of the following if skin products do not work on your skin:

1) Consult a dermatologist

There are many skin products on the market and it is important that you know your skin type before making a decision on which one to use. If a particular cream doesn’t work on your skin, it may be because it isn’t right for you. First, know your skin type and treat it accordingly. Skin type can change over time, this change can be due to climate, age, or hormonal changes. It is always better to consult a dermatologist before buying your products.

2) Every skin is different

You need to understand that every skin is different, and not all products work the same way. If the products worked wonders for your best friend and you think they could do the same for your skin, then you are wrong. Skin care is not a one size fits all.

3) Expired Products

Well, it is true that sometimes it becomes difficult to keep track of so many things together. But you cannot afford to miss this. Always pay attention to the expiration date of skin care products.

4) Product changes color

Sometimes, for some reason, your skin care product can change its color or texture. Well that’s a signal. Immediately stop applying it to your skin.

5) Give the products time

Depending on the skin problem, it can take between six weeks and three months for a product to work. It is therefore advisable not to change products or to change the doctor frequently.

6) Avoid smoking, alcohol, sugar

Avoid smoking, alcohol, sugar and get a good seven to eight hours of sleep. Bad lifestyle and stress will not allow your skin care products to perform their best.

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