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How much sleep do people need? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sleep needs vary based on age. A child aged 3 to 5 years needs 10 to 13 hours. It takes 7 to 8 hours for a 65 year old or older.

So-called “sleep disorders” can have serious consequences. Some of these disorders include insomnia and sleep apnea (also known as snoring). One of the most dangerous consequences is drowsy driving, a major cause of accidents. The CDC data also shows that the amount of sleep people get varies from state to state and from country to district.

A new list of top causes of sleep disorders from mattress manufacturer and retailer PlushBeds is based on data from 1,003 respondents surveyed via Amazon MTurk. Of these participants, 56% were men and 44% women.

The basis of the study read: “Whether politics, public health, personal finances or family relationships, there is no shortage of topics to worry about. The average person has only a limited mental range, so it makes sense that something – in this case sleep – has to give way. “

The most common sleep stressors were “current political events,” affecting 65.9% of respondents. The percentage of people who are concerned about this and are not getting adequate sleep was 30.4%.

Next on the list of concerns was personal finances, at 60.9% of respondents. Of these, 34.3% do not get adequate sleep. The list also includes concerns about issues related to COVID-19 and the stock market.

People were also categorized according to when they had trouble sleeping. Of these, 50.7% had difficulty falling asleep, 49.6% get up at night and 49.0% cannot sleep through the night.

These are the 20 most common sleep stressors:

  • Current political events (65.9%)
  • Personal finance (60.9%)
  • Political leadership (60.0%)
  • Unvaccinated people (55.5%)
  • Supply chain problems (54.6%)
  • Family relationships (54.3%)
  • Work-life balance (53.1%)
  • Personal health problems (51.7%)
  • Vacation expenses (49.7%)
  • Looking for a new job (49.4%)
  • Partner or significant other (48.4%)
  • Contagion with COVID-19 (46.6%)
  • Housing markets (45.8%)
  • Upcoming holiday events (45.3%)
  • Vaccination mandates (44.6%)
  • Current job market (44.0%)
  • Children (43.7%)
  • Getting the COVID-19 vaccine (40.05%)
  • Favorite sports teams (39.2%)
  • Cryptocurrency Markets (39.2%)
  • Stock market (38.7%)
  • NFT market (35.9%)

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