This fashionable smartwatch keeps track of your sleep and the air quality in your room

While most wearables focus more on what you’re doing when you’re awake, this smartwatch is more focused on getting the best sleep possible.

Smartwatch sales have skyrocketed in the last two or so years, dwarfing even the older categories of smart fitness bands thanks to a sudden interest and obsession with personal health. While it’s good that people are now more conscious about staying active at home, exercise, exercise, and even diet don’t complete the whole fitness picture. Sleep plays an equally important role in staying healthy, and this smartwatch takes care of the rest of your body just as much, including the air you breathe at home.

Designer: Heyok Shin

Most smartwatches these days track sleep quality or length, but mostly in hindsight. Sleep is a critical part of our health, however, and length isn’t the only relevant metric to track. In fact, different people need different amounts of sleep, so there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation. The ZOS Smartwatch attempts to unravel the mystery of sleep management, analyzing sleep habits to recommend better sleeping times and conditions. It also has features like smart alarms and even ASMR audio recording to help promote sleep.

The ZOS smartwatch concept doesn’t exactly look like a typical smartwatch, especially with its elongated screen. However, it is designed for maximum comfort as you are meant to wear it even while you sleep. The choice of magnetic straps and leather material has been tailored to ensure that the wearer’s wrist is not irritated in the middle of the night and disturbs her sleep.

Sleep management is actually only half the purpose of the ZOS smartwatch. The other half ties into the designer’s other concept, the CLOSSY air purifier and plant care cabinet in one. This smart home concept product can analyze the air quality in a room and keep an eye on the plant, which also contributes to air purification. While this information can be seen from a smartphone, the ZOS Smartwatch envisions itself as the perfect companion to the CLOSSY product.

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