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Our mental health is a comprehensive dynamic state of inner equilibrium that enables us to interact with the world around us. Our mental health includes harmonious relationships with others, the ability to identify and express healthy emotions, basic cognitive skills, the flexibility and ability to deal with the stressful changes in life, and the ability to comfortably care for our physical bodies.

Our mental health encompasses so much more than a disorder, depressed mood, or low energy; Our mental health has four main pillars: physical health, emotional health, cognitive fitness, and physical health.

It’s important to understand that mental wellbeing doesn’t just happen to you. It takes time and effort to practice the habits and participate in the various activities that they encourage. The following habits promote mental wellbeing:

1. Take care of your body

This can be achieved by paying attention to the foods you consume and how they affect your mood, energy levels, as well as your cognitive functions (motivation, learning, memory).

2. Sleep sound

Ask yourself if you need sleep assistance as our bodies are exhausted during the day and sleep is important to get them back in shape. When we sleep, our bodies release the growth-producing hormone that helps restore the brain as well as other organs. When we stop sleeping or regularly lack sleep, our immune systems deteriorate and we become more susceptible to disease. Sleep is important in keeping us mentally and physically healthy.

3. Relax

We can improve our mental health by learning to deal with stress and by incorporating relaxation activities into our daily lives. Stress has a negative impact on our mental health and learning how to keep it in check is important. While various stressors cannot be avoided, stress management strategies can help us achieve balance and lead happy and healthy lives.

4. Establish connections

Humans are social beings and our need to connect with others in order to thrive and survive is ingrained in our genes. In our world today, having a strong support network such as friends and family can help us deal with many of the stressors in our lives. Find different ways to expand your social circle and find people who share your values, who can understand, listen and offer advice, or just encourage you on your life path when you need a little nudge. When you surround yourself with optimistic and positive people, you will become a happier and healthier person yourself.

5th exercise

In general, the more we exercise, the better our mental and physical health. According to various studies, just 10 minutes of exercise can lead to a feeling of improved mood and vitality. The good news is that we need at least 30 minutes of exercise every day to experience a noticeably positive change in mood! This time can be used to walk short distances, climb stairs, and essentially do activities that get your body moving. So start by learning how exercise can improve your mental health.

So how can you effectively use the power of these pillars to improve your mental health and increase your happiness in life?

The answer is to take simple and easily manageable wellness initiatives, align with them, and gradually move on to the next level of initiatives.

Slow start and a slow path to mental wellbeing don’t matter as long as you are consistent. Once you are consistent with your changed mental health habits, you will surely see the amazing positive change happening in your life.

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