Sleep-sack seditionist Mike Lindell preps for the next riot from prison on Jimmy Kimmel Live

James Adomian as Mike Lindell

James Adomian as Mike Lindell
screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live

While some find it unseemly to do it repeatedly mocking a clearly delusional person On national television, Jimmy Kimmel seems to agree. And to be fair Jimmy Kimmel Live presenter, TV pillow pitchman and failed tremendously social media guru Mike Lindell has positionHe’s profiled himself as the garrulous hype man for Donald Trump and the GOP’s big lie about voter fraud as they continue their assault on American democracy, so all bets are off. Especially as an arch-impressionist James Adamian Guarantees huge laughs with every performance as the infamous crack addict-turned-pillow magnate and advisor to the President.

On Thursday’s show, Adomian’s Lindell emerged from his jail cell at a Minnesota correctional facility and surprised Kimmel by already sporting a teardrop tattoo and selling bootleg pillows for cigarettes. As Kimmel noted, Lindell’s most recent nonsensical claim (at least as of this writing) is that he has sufficient evidence of massive voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election to “put everyone in prison for life, 300 to a few million people.And since that’s essentially the entire population of the United States, more or less, Lindell pre-emptively incarcerated himself to secure a good spot. These are the actual testimonies of a person routinely invited to Donald Trump’s Oval Office.

While Adomian feverishly channeled Lindell’s insane madness with a Midwest accent, the pillow connoisseur occasionally interrupted his too-crazy-even-for-Fox-News Conspiracy talks to intimidate his fellow inmates about pillow-versus-smuggling deals and booze straight out of his toilet. “That’s not wine, Jim, that’s urine. I’m sober as a church mouse!” the famously sober Lindell assured Kimmel of his drinking habit after clearly and predictably going all-in on the latest Trumpland anti-COVID quack cure suck up your own piss.

As for Lindell’s future plans (now that his phone records are reportedly out). been subpoenaed because of this whole “supporting and instigating a Republican coup against American democracy” thing), Adomian’s self-imprisoned rioter dismissed Kimmel’s advice to sit out an ongoing prison riot. “Are you crazy?” Lindell exclaimed amid the din of knives and sirens, “I missed the last riot because I was at the White House on January 6th. I will not miss an opportunity to do so stab a police officer with a screwdriver again!”


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