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The life of people today generally depends on the internet, we humans become addicted to cell phones in most walks of life when we decide to go somewhere or don’t feel like going outside to buy groceries and when we do did to pay our utility bills and even after a busy period we all want some ME time. Though the pandemic has played a huge part in all of this addiction game. But as a result of this addiction, most of us suffer from lack of sleep.

SleepJunkie sleep expert Dorothy Chambers said around 78% of adults struggled with revenge sleep elimination in 2020, and that number has been increasing since last year.

A few weeks ago, SleepJunkie conducted a survey of more than 2,000 adults. The survey was about two things, first, which app is more harmful to people as they fall asleep, and the second phase of the survey about their sleep quality means the REM phase of sleep.

The REM sleep phase is the lightest phase of a person’s sleep among several hours of sleep; the REM phase allows a person to wake up very easily.

And when you factor in social media, TikTok has won the race for the terrible sleep app as it has been named the most disruptive app for good night sleepers. Instagram ranks second. However, the difference between these two apps is small. TikTok users take 1 hour and 7 minutes to fall asleep and Instagram users take 58 minutes to fall asleep.

But for the REM sleep phase, Instagram users spent around 15.5% of their sleep in the REM phase, while the TikTok user percentage for the REM phase is around 14. Here Instagram wins the crown in the second part of the poll, although it’s not a good crown to wear.

Hence, we all know better that medical experts regularly tell the world not to use electronic devices for at least 2 hours before bedtime. Because the blue rays emanating from modern electronic devices, especially smartphones, disrupt our sleep and affect your mental health.

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