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Pullman Regional

PULLMAN – Dr. Usha Nandhini, sleep doctor at Palouse Sleep Medicine, will host a sleep disorder and health-related question-and-answer session on Wednesday January 12th at 5:30 pm at the Red Card Pub & Grub in Pullman

Dr. Nandhini joined the Pullman Regional Hospital network of clinics in 2021. It treats sleep disorders in adults, adolescents and children such as sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, sleepwalking, night terrors and pediatric sleep apnea.

This social event offers guests the opportunity to ask sleep-related questions and have a casual chat with Dr. To lead Nandhini. Starters are provided free of charge; Red Card offers a full selection of drinks and a pub-style menu.

Please answer: www.pullmanregional.org/education-engagement

The Women’s Wellness Series, hosted by the Center for Learning & Innovation at the Pullman Regional Hospital, is a coffeehouse-style conversation led by a health professional that addresses topics for women 30 and older. Women’s Wellness provides attendees with access to facts, information on current health care trends, and connects attendees with Pullman Regional Hospital and Clinic Network and Summit Therapy and Health Services, community health partners, and other select faculties.


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