Is National Nothing Day a good idea?

January 16 is National Nothing Day. I really do. It is an annual anti-holiday and the purpose is to have a day to do absolutely nothing. There is no way to celebrate the day as it is a day when nothing can be done.

It follows the Christmas season when people were hectic and busy and in a hurry and prancing and eating Christmas cookies and maybe a sip of champagne. We might get tired, we might complain, but we really enjoyed it.

National Nothing Day was started in 1972 by the San Francisco Examiner journalist Harold Pullman Coffin. Coffin started this non-holiday because he was tired of the many groups that took up a day on the calendar, and he wanted people to have an entire national holiday where they could just sit down and not worry about honors or celebrations need something. The day has been celebrated every year since 1973 when it was added to Chase’s calendar of events.

Coffin also founded the National Nothing Foundation.

I’m not even sure what means absolutely nothing. Does that mean I won’t brush my teeth, read a book, or buy groceries? It seems that everyone has to find out for themselves what it looks like for them to do nothing. What will you do on National Nothing Day?

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