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You know that if your chest hurts and you can’t breathe, you need to rush to the emergency room and call your doctor right away. These are signs you cannot ignore. But some minor symptoms that many would dismiss as the result of too much stress are actually a way for your body to tell you to check on your health.

To create a list of 19 habits that may be masking an underlying health issue, 24/7 Tempo consulted physicians and reviewed numerous research papers and scientific studies.

Some diseases people have had for some time – completely unknowingly – and it would be good to pay more attention to potential symptoms. Most of us view our habits as just that – habits, sometimes bad. While most people outgrow different habits, not all do — and that might be a sign. Overlooking our habits can result in a disease or condition going undetected.

You can sometimes smell when you are sick. Many diseases have a peculiar smell. Diabetes, for example, can make your urine smell like sweet fruit. A woman can even smell Parkinson’s. But not everyone has such a unique ability. Most people have to rely on what they know about normal behavior. However, sometimes even so-called normal behavior can wreak havoc in our bodies — these are 21 “Harmless” Habits That Are Actually Aging You Faster Than You Imagine.

Many people already know that cravings, even when they’re already full, are a sign of excessive junk food consumption, but an increased appetite after you’ve just eaten can also indicate diabetes. Some habits are hard to spot as a sign of a potential health problem, especially when they’ve been a part of your everyday life for years. But it never hurts to take a closer look.

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