Flight attendant reveals her best tips for travelling with kids

A FLIGHT companion pointed out the best ways to make traveling with children as stress-free as possible.

Laura Hannah, who has worked for Emirates for six years, also explained some of the biggest mistakes parents make.


Flight attendant Laura Hannah shared her top tips for traveling with children
She revealed how to make it as stress-free as possible


She revealed how to make it as stress-free as possible

Her best tip was to book flights that fit the routine with kids.

She said, “Don’t opt ​​for a late evening flight or a night flight if you think your children will sleep through the night.

“With all the excitement and noise, they may not and you will be doubly exhausted.

“Try to schedule a departure to come between meals or naps, as this can help reduce the likelihood of public tantrums.

“And Try to make sure your child sleeps well on morning flights to avoid sleep deprivation. “

She also suggested always choosing the divider seats – so you can put babies in the bassinets and put one near the bathroom for quick strokes.

Deciding when to go on board can also depend on the kids, Laura said.

Boarding first – which many airlines offer for families – can help reduce the stress of getting in the seat before the plane is full, but boarding last can prevent children from staying on the plane longer than necessary.

One thing she always says to do? Make the most of the cabin crew.

Laura said: “The cabin crew is ready to make your flight as comfortable as possible.

“They can help warm bottles, keep baby food refrigerated, organize activities for children, hold meals until a convenient time, and maybe even sneak you a glass of wine after your child (s) have finally fell asleep.”

And after landing, don’t get off the plane too quickly – not only is it much easier to check that you’ve packed everything when the plane is empty, but most airports have family lanes so you can whiz through security anyway be able.

Don’t want to travel with children? Fortunately, there is an airline that bans babies in parts of the aircraft.

Don't rush to get off the plane, said Laura - no matter how tempting


Don’t rush to get off the plane, said Laura – no matter how temptingCredit: Alamy
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