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All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them

For us, dreams are a form of strength and nourishment. They give us hope, support and courage even in adverse and unfavorable situations. We achieve the goals we dream of and that is the foundation for success in life.
We see dreams in sleep and also in the waking state. We pursue dreams with all our strength and conviction. Dreams show us the way and help to achieve our goals. Firm conviction and tireless hard work coupled with joy and love are the necessary tools for success in life. This is the core of the philosophy of the great poet-philosopher Allama Sir Mohammad Iqbal (RA), who says:
“Yaqeen mohkam, ammal paiham, mohabbat fateh e alam
Jehaad-e-zindgani my yeh hain mardon ki shamsheerein ”
Many people, despite their humble beginnings, have reached major milestones in life and left their mark on history. George Washington, the first President of the United States, was a farmer who once grew tobacco on a small piece of land inherited from his father. He dreamed up and worked hard and rose to be President of America. Another famous President of America, Abraham Lincon, began his career as a clerk in a factory and later became a postmaster in the village, who had high ambitions and dreams. He reportedly read from books on loan and worked tirelessly to make his dreams come true.
Our ex-president, the late APJ Abdul Kalam, was the son of a poorly educated boat owner in Tamil Nadu. He rose from the darkness to worldwide recognition. He was a great proponent of dreams and urged the young generation to dream high and pursue their dreams to their logical end. The great literary figure in human history, HG Wells, was the son of a small shopkeeper on a meager income. He was also a great dreamer who followed his dreams with zeal and determination, and became a great writer.
The list of such ordinary people with extraordinary ambitions and dreams is very long. They came from a modest background, pursued their dream of growing up with determination, devotion and determination and achieved top positions in their field.
However, the dreams we see in sleep are illusory and end in vanity as soon as we wake up. However, such dreams have some impact on our lives and on our general attitudes and behavior. Our sleep quality also influences our dreams. We only see dreams when we sleep fast and deeply.
Some people are daydreamers and some sleep and are called sleepwalkers. These people get out of bed and start talking and walking around in their sleep. However, such curious cases are very rare.
Apparently abnormal dreams, called nightmares, are also seen by some people. Nightmares are defined as disorders caused by sleep disorders associated with negative emotions. Nightmares get very scary at times. The half-sleep and half-awake states make it difficult to determine whether an action was performed while asleep or while awake. All of these cases require medical intervention and appropriate counseling and medication.
The sequence of events or images that we see in a metaphorical style in dreams can be deciphered and interpreted by some well-read experts in the field. Dreams are meant to contain a message that few can understand. Dreams are also considered divine revelation, and many scholars have written books about them called khwabnamas. Ibn-e-Seereen (RA) was one such authority in deciphering the meaning of dreams. His Khwabnama is considered a very authoritative text on the subject.
The Quran story about the dream of the Prophet Yousuf (AS) is well known to many of us. In his childhood he saw a dream in which the stars and the sun and moon bowed to him. He told his father about the dream. His father, Prophet Yaqub (AS) advised him not to reveal the dream to his eleven stepbrothers so that they would not harm him out of jealousy. The dream meant that one day Yousuf (AS) would be the king and his 11 stepbrothers would bow to him. His stepbrothers managed to take custody of Yousuf (AS) from their father and then put him in a well in a remote location, from where he was taken out by a traveling caravan and auctioned in the Egyptian market. The following events showed that Yousuf (AS) did indeed rise to become king, his brothers bowed to him and showed that his childhood dream had come true.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) also saw many dreams before and after attaining prophethood, which turned out to be true. Books by Seerat (biography of the prophet) also mention such dreams. However, these differ from Wahie (Koran revelations), as the latter were revealed to the Prophet through Archangel Gabriel (AS). The Companions of the Prophet (SAW) also told the Prophet their dreams and sought their interpretation from him.
It is well said:
“I slept and dreamed that life was joy,
I woke up and found that life was service
I have acted and, behold, service was joy “
All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

The author is a retired telecommunications engineer and author of the book “Footprints in the Sand”.

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