Broome County Legislature Votes on New District Map

On charges of confusing district lines to favor the Republican election, Broome County’s legislature is expected to vote on the newly drawn legislative maps on Jan. 13.

The district lines are meant to reflect population composition as reported in the last census, but Democrats on the ad hoc committee that worked on the project and the county legislature blame the final proposal, Draft Map 3, of the city of Maine Divided into three districts, is the product of Gerrymandering.

Photo: Bob Joseph / WNBF News (FILE)

Earlier this month, the committee, made up of Republicans, Democrats, community and business leaders, and members of the public, voted six to three in favor of Draft Card No. 3.

Lawmaker Mark Whalen, who served on the committee, says the card will be used to vote in the next election, but a legal challenge to the state Supreme Court is planned.

This afternoon’s vote will be preceded by a public briefing.

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