Biofarma Group buys competitor Giellepi Finished Products

The division will be renamed International Health Science, but will retain its previous corporate structure and management organization.

The group will use their combined expertise and shared values ​​to strengthen critical relationships and develop innovative products that will be validated through scientific testing.

In addition, according to Giellepi founder and CEO Carlo Terruzzi, the acquisition opens up new growth opportunities in the healthcare sector.

Giellepi has so far achieved extraordinary results from an organizational and economic point of view, he says, but is firm “Even more extraordinary results”Is achieved through the new business structure.

“Giellepi – fully focused on the raw materials for the dietary supplement industry – will have more resources to invest in its business, which will encourage a growth process for external lines as well; on the other hand, the Biofarma Group is the ideal partner for the IHS division in a new growth phase in an increasingly competitive global context. ” he adds. .

Board structure

Maurizio Castorina, CEO of Biofarma, will sit on the Board of Directors along with other managers of the group, while Terruzzi remains CEO and continues to play an active role in the development of the company.

Castorina claims that the takeover “enable the Biofarma Group to strengthen its R&D and regulatory teams in order to achieve the stated goal of technology and innovation leadership at European level ”.

Giellepi will continue to operate in the raw materials market and organize the distribution of branded ingredients more effectively and efficiently while maintaining its investments in innovation and proprietary clinical studies.


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