Beter Bed opens first Sleep Experience

Ssleep specialist Better bed has officially open mindeded his first adventure shop at the Sontplein in Groningen, the Netherlands. the opening of adventure shop is in line with Strategy presented earlier this year to solidifbe y scrapandMortar base by adding new store formats to his electricity shop Format portfolio. Thee new sleep eThe xperience store format is full of innovations and offers customerss with customized sleep advice sleep better and as a result Wake up healthier, happier and more productive.

John Kruijssen, CEO of Beter Bed Holding NV is proud to present the new store format: “This new experienceence store is the embodiment of our recently launched strategy to 2025, and sets the standard for adoption across our current store network. The store is a breeding ground for experimenting with how we present our brand and range, how Our customers can get personal sleep Advice, and how we present our brand promise: “Better bed sleep better, live better’. WWe will Continue roll out more experience stores, and update our current store network with items that are working well in the experience shop in 2022.

Sleep is individual
With the new store concept, Beter Bed is taking the next step in making its brand promise “sleep better, live better” personal and tangible. Everyone is different and has different sleep needs. That’s why Beter Bed wants to show visitors what good sleep means to them personally. The sleeping experience has an intimate nighttime ambience and a fresh, vital morning atmosphere. In this way, Beter Bed does not focus on the products but on the experience of a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed.

The value of good sleep
As a sleep specialist in the Netherlands, Beter Bed wants everyone to get the good sleep they deserve. Better sleep makes people happier, healthier, and more productive. That is why Beter Bed focuses on improving the quality of sleep. “Everything we do should lead to a better night’s sleep,” explains John Kruijssen. “We train our employees to provide competent and personal advice, offer sustainable quality products and develop a new measurement technology that customers can use to find a suitable mattress best suits them.”

Allowance for personal advice
In addition to the expert knowledge of sleep experts, Beter Bed also applies data to help each customer make the best choice. Thanks to the Beter Slapen ID technology, in which sensors measure the body, customers now receive a personal sleep profile including mattress advice. “The use of data and measurements provides an objective and customizedSed advice on the mattress that fits best. This became clear in our tests with this new technology surprisingly many people receive different advice based on their individual preferences than they first thought, said Kruijssen. In the near future, Beter Bed wants to enable people to measure themselves at home to discover their ideal sleep solutions.

Impression of the new sleep experience shop
The new sleeping experience from Beter Bed is packed with the latest (sustainable) innovations and sleeping solutions:

  • Beter Slapen ID: Bespoke, objectively measured mattress advice.
  • Sleeping Scan: Interactive sleep advice from Beter Bed Chatbot Bo.
  • Leazzzy: the sleep subscription from Beter Bed.
  • M line digital interactive screen: one of the largest LED walls in Europe.
  • Interactive pillow wall: the largest pillow collection in the Netherlands.
  • Paper bed: affordable, comfortable and sustainable sleep made from 100% recycled Dutch cardboard.
  • Emma Motion: Europe’s first smart mattress that works while you sleep, exclusively at Beter Bed Experience.
  • Smart Bedroom: Smart devices and gadgets for a restful sleep.
  • B Bright 5000 and M Line Green Motion: two new mattress collections made entirely of recyclable materials.
  • Sustainability at Beter Bed: 38% of the Beter Bed range already consists of sustainable products.

For more information on the innovative sleep solutions on display at the Beter Bed Sleep Experience, as well as images and a video impression of the store, click here.

About Better Bed Holding
Beter Bed Holding (BBH) is the leading Dutch sleep specialist in retail, wholesale and B2B.

Our mission is simple. We believe the better we sleep, the better happier, healthier and more productive we are. And we won’t rest until everyone gets the quality sleep they deserve.

BBH is listed on Euronext Amsterdam and operates the successful retail brands Beter Bed, Beddenreus, the new subscription brand Leazzzy and the digital organization Lunext. In addition, through its subsidiary DBC International, BBH operates a wholesale business with branded items in the bedroom furniture sector, which also includes the internationally well-known M line brand.

With 3 distribution centres, a fleet of 80 vehicles, 134 stores and a rapidly growing online presence, our team of over 1,000 dedicated employees served nearly 200,000 customers and generated over €200 million in sales in 2020.

Providing expert sleep advice is at the heart of our strategy and thanks to our revolutionary ‘Beter Slapen ID’ tool, our sleep consultants help our clients find the perfect night’s sleep. BBH is proud of that
M line is the official sleep supplier of AFC Ajax, TeamNL, Jumbo-Visma, NOC*NSF and the KNVB.

For more informations
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Please click on the link below to access the PDF version of this press release and the Beter Bed Sleep Experience factsheet. Press photos can be downloaded here.

  • Press release 08/12/2021

  • Fact sheet for a better sleeping experience in bed


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