Bellabeat Announces Sponsorship of January 2022 Transpacific Volleyball Championships

Bellabeat Ivy Health Tracker Front and Center for Female Athletes at Hawaii Based Championship

HONOLULU, January 12, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Bellabeat Inc. ( today announced that it is a Gold Sponsor of the annual Transpacific Volleyball Championships 2022. In Honolulu, Hawaii, from January 15th to January 17th, the competition will play 700 games on 22 courts over three days and for the first time several female participants between the ages of 12 and 18 will participate with the new Bellabeat Ivy. Including use for exercise, general health tracking, and readiness evaluation purposes. The Bellabeat Ivy was specially developed for women and is the perfect training partner for every female athlete. The sleekly crafted The Ivy is a sleek bracelet and jewel that is available in retail stores $ 249 on

“The Ivy is unlike any health and wellness tracker on the market for women. It takes the guesswork out of daily readiness, stress levels, fluid levels and more that athletes need in everyday life.” States Bellabeat co-founder Urška Srsen. “It is imperative for athletes to see and understand their daily wellness metrics while training for life changing competitions. This can mean less risk of injury, better sleep, and lower heart rates to improve athletic performance. We are excited to sponsor the 2022 Trans-Pacific Volleyball Championships and provide their competitors with the information they need to do their best. “

Here are 11 of The Bellabeat Ivy key features:

  1. A daily readiness value: Imagine replacing your hectic morning with a new, data-driven ritual that helps you plan the day in complete alignment with your body. While you sleep at night and your body is in its calmest state, Ivy measures your resting heart rate, breathing rate and heart coherence and displays your bio-response to recent activity, stress and emotions. Every morning, when you sync with the Bellabeat app, Ivy calculates your ready value – on a scale from 0 to 100 – how ready you are for the day.

  2. Heart rate & fitness level: During the day, Ivy measures your heart rate (HR): the speed of your heartbeat is measured by the number of heart contractions per minute and shows how your body reacts to everything you do. Use it to track your training progress and optimize your personal training routines. Ivy monitors your heart rate (HR) and your activities so you can make healthier choices. Active heart rate, step, active minutes and calorie consumption.

  3. Respiratory rate: Learn how your workouts, emotions, and stress are affecting you. Your breathing rate is the number of breaths (breaths) you take per minute (rpm) that is associated with many physiological conditions, daily workouts, and emotions that affect your overall health.

  4. Heart coherence: More focus, less fear. The parameter cardiac coherence shows how your heart rate variability and your breathing rate are synchronized. Best of all, this can be improved with cardio-coherence training – a breathing exercise that helps relieve stress, improve focus, and sleep better.

  5. Hydration: No headaches, no wrinkles + you stay hydrated and energized for your workout. Know how much you drink and set water reminders. Also take into account your unique physique, activity level, age, height and weight to calculate the right amount of water for your body.

  6. Unmatched cycle tracking: How much do you know about the “fifth vital sign”? Ivy helps you sync with your body and discover its natural wisdom by correlating your biometric and lifestyle data with the four stages of the menstrual cycle. Ivy helps you tune into your body’s rhythm and track your period, ovulation, pregnancy, or birth control. Monitor your menstrual cycle changes, log symptoms, and even predict problems before they happen.

  7. Mindfulness: Empty your mind to relax. Ivy helps you keep track of your mindful minutes and gain an insight into how much your meditation, breathing, or similar practices are affecting your psychophysical well-being.

  8. Activity: Ivy detects your activity during the day, helps you track up to 80 types of activity, count your steps, and find out how all of these affect your body. Train with professional trainers by joining the app’s premium membership.

  9. Sleep tracking: A survey by the American College Health Association found that most student athletes did not get enough sleep an average of four nights a week. The Ivy learns you while you wear it and tracks your sleep patterns.

  10. The app offers over 30 sleep meditations: Sleep meditations are the most common remedy for sleeping problems. They make it easier for your body to transition to sleep and increase your chances of entering the deep sleep phase. In the Bellabeat app you will find more than 30 sleep meditations that can help you relax and unwind. Each meditation is followed by your Ivy and tells you daily how well you are coping with the daily stress.

  11. The Bellabeat App + Coach offers a wealth of resources, from meditations to workouts, advice on nutritional supplements, daily yoga routines, and much more.

“Knowing my wellness and readiness rating puts me at the top of my game. The preparedness rating is an echo of my body’s bioreaction, and the wellness rating is the coach evaluating your wellness efforts. The higher the rating, the more knows I take good care of myself. ” Masai Russel, United States of America Track and field athlete. “I love it; I became obsessed in the best possible way. It’s almost like my body is talking to me through an app.

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