8 Best Mattresses That’ll Make You Want to Sleep In

While keeping resolutions can be difficult, if you’re looking to improve the quality of your sleep this year, a new mattress is a great place to start. We all know that sleep is an essential part of good mental, physical and emotional health, and that it’s also a great way to ensure full recovery from your workout when you’re on an intense training cycle.

Mattresses may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of innovation, but in recent years there have been many changes to make them less expensive, easier to set up, and more tailored to your unique sleeping experience. With plenty of options out there, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites to make the shopping process that little bit easier. Below you will find buying advice and reviews on some of our favorite mattresses.

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What to consider

When looking for a new mattress, firmness and material are the two most important things to consider. Most mattresses are either made entirely of foam or have at least some foam elements. This provides both support and cushioning. Some more traditional mattresses have springs that give it a firmer, springier feel, and some have a pillow top that adds to its softness but doesn’t add to the mattress’ support.

Even if you choose an all-foam mattress, that doesn’t mean it has to be soft and squishy. Memory foam is more textured than you think and can actually make a very firm, supportive bed if you choose the right one. However, memory foam can get a little warm. So if you’re a hot sleeper and opt for a memory foam bed, make sure it has cooling elements like copper, bamboo, or gel infusions.

Consider your sleeping position to determine the firmness that’s right for you. Back and stomach sleepers do best with a medium-firm to firm mattress as they need more support for their back and neck, while side sleepers can get away with a softer mattress that conforms to the contours of the body. That said, if you know you prefer a certain firmness for your best night’s sleep, go with your gut.

As we have decided

To find the best options among the many mattresses on the market, we researched the most popular models available. We looked at peer-reviewed reviews from trusted sources, e.g Good Housekeeping and CNET. We then considered price, materials, size, strength and durability. Finally, we consulted more than 54,000 reviews from buyers of these models on sites like Amazon to choose these eight.

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